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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Still Moving Forward

With all the changes we have seen happening with the new administration, I am sure many people would love to avoid future ACA reporting. However, ACA Reporting is in place and the reporting season is just around the corner for employers with 50 or more employees.

I did get to see my first ACA Penalty letter, 226-J, and it was quite shocking. An employer came to me with questions on their six-figure penalty and how they can fix it. It appears the vendor they used for the first-year reporting indicated they did not offer affordable coverage on the 1094 ACA Reporting form. Imagine, one little box on a form can get you a penalty notice for six figures. The highest penalty I have heard being issued was in the millions.

These examples are why it is important to understand the reporting requirements and have a vendor that can help audit and check codes. With OmniaHR, you get a supportive and knowledge team to answer questions and a system that will alert you to any coding issues on your forms.

If you are an employer that has 50 or more employees, you need to make sure you are checking your reporting requirements. If you’re not sure of your reporting status or you would like a quote from our company, reach out to us today.

Plus, every new client that signs up for OmniaHR ACA Reporting service will receive a Fire 7 Table with Alexa. Call or email OmniaHR today for more information.

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