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Upcoming Events

  • Free Monthly Webinar Series - Workplace Safety and the APP
    Wed, Jun 28
    Zoom Webinar
    Does your state require you to have an Accident Prevention Program. If not, should you still have one? RSVP today to learn more about protecting your employees.
  • Free Monthly Webinar Series - Insurance 101
    Wed, Jul 26
    Zoom Webinar
    What is an appeal on a claim? Why do some claims get denied and the carrier just tells me it was a bad code? We will answer these questions and more. RSVP today!
  • Free Monthly Webinar Series - How NOT to Hire Ferris Bueller
    Tue, Aug 22
    Zoom Webinar
    Calling in sick, always the first to grumble at change, never present when they should be. These are all signs of employee disengagement. Sign up today to learn how to better engage your workforce.
  • Free Monthly Webinar Series - Understanding FMLA, ADA and State Leave Laws
    Wed, Sep 13
    Zoom Webinar
    What is FMLA, ADA, and what type of mistakes do employers make? This training will cover the basics of FMLA and mistakes to avoid. We will also dive in to state specific laws and how those interact with these type of laws.
  • Free Monthly Webinar Series - Workplace Investigations
    Wed, Oct 25
    Zoom Webinar
    You have a compliant, now what? Are you prepared for that moment an employee states harassment situations have occurred? If not, RSVP today!
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