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To Vote or Not to Vote

Almost every state prohibits employers from disciplining or firing an employee who takes time off work to vote. Some state laws may require employers to give their employees a specific amount of time off to cast their ballots on the day of the election. Some states even go as far as require employers to pay for the employee’s time away from work for voting.

The obligations of these laws do not fall entirely on the employer. In some states, employees are entitled to take time off only if they don't have enough time to get to the polls before or after work. Other states allow employees to take advantage of these laws only if they meet certain requirements, like proving they really cast their ballot or providing their employers advanced notice that they intend to take time off work to vote.

In addition to these state law, you should check your employee handbook or other personnel policies for information on time off for voting. Some employers may voluntarily adopt policies providing paid leave to cast a ballot.

If you are not sure what your state law is on voting, reach out to OmniaHR today for more information.

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