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Deadlines Arrive for ACA 2020 Reporting

The deadlines were extended for 2020 reporting for applicable large employers (ALE) and self-funded plans. Employers who were filing to the IRS by paper needed to have those submitted by 2/28/2021. However, if you are filing electronically because you have 250 or more forms to file, you still have until 03/31/2021 to send the IRS the 1094/1095 form.

Whether you are filing by paper or electronically to the IRS, the deadline to mail out the forms to your employees is March 2nd.

Even though the individual mandate was repealed in January of 2019, several states that have enacted their state specific requirements for reporting. If you have employees working in those states, such as California, you will want to make sure you are following the state reporting rules as well.

If you have questions on the 1094/1095 ACA reporting requirements, please reach out to a certified HR professional at OmniaHR today.

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