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Federal 941 Refunds - Expect them to be Delayed!

As you have probably seen or heard, many things are still being impacted by COVID-19. In the latest trends of delays, the IRS has announced it expects is 941 refunds to be delayed as the IRS has been impacted by COVID and staffing issues.

As of the end of 2021, the IRS has reported they are backlogged and the numbers help show why the 941 refunds are delayed.

Those numbers* are:

  • 6 million Form 1040 to process

  • 2.3 million amended 1040 forms to process

  • 2 million Form 941s

  • 500,000+ amended 941s

With so many forms still needing to be processed, telephone communication with the IRS is very limited. If you are one of many employers waiting for your 941 refund, you should expect that it will be delayed and we will await the IRS to catch up on the forms.

*Numbers provided by Payroll People, Inc.

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