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How Much in Mistakes Can Your Company Afford?

I am always looking for ways to improve knowledge, understanding, and simply continue to grow personally and professionally. The laws that surround Human Resources evolve and change over time as new laws are passed and new movements are launched. Look at how the #MeToo movement sparked employers to reevaluate their training programs regarding sexual harassment training.

One of the most recent trainings I attended surrounded the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). While most of the information was review for me, I did find a few tidbits that really helped me to understand the law better and how it impacts employers. One item that really caught me off guard was the minimum an employer will pay if they lose a FMLA lawsuit.

It still amazes me how many leaders and managers in a company have never heard of FMLA, yet they have people reporting directly to them that may be a future FMLA claim. If you work for an FMLA eligible company, meaning there are 50 or more employees, do you provide frequent training to your supervisors? Do you have an FMLA checklist to make sure the proper documentation is being done, and completed on time?

If you fail to provide notices, interfere in any way with FMLA, or cause any harm to an employee before, during, or after an FMLA leave, you would be looking at a minimum loss of $250,000. If the mistake you made was willful in any way, you can look at doubling that cost. I know lawsuits can be costly, but when you look at the minimum, how many employers could survive just one lawsuit? Would a fine of $250,000 severely impact your business? If that answer is “Yes,” make sure you are training your supervisors on FMLA practices and processes.

Do you need training and tools? Reach out to us today for information on our next free FMLA training and request a copy of our FREE FMLA Checklist.

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