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OSHA ETS for 100 or More Employees is Halted

After the Supreme Court upheld the stay for the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard, OSHA has withdrawn its vaccine-or-test for employers that are 100 or more employees.

However, the standards for healthcare workers and federal workers were not withdrawn and providers receiving Medicaid/Medicare funding need to be in compliance with the federal ruling for vaccine mandates.

As of right now, OSHA is still moving forward with a permanent COVID-19 standard which has similar requirements to the ETS that was proposed to start November 2021 and then again in January of 2022. Like the temporary rule, this permanent rule will probably face the same push-back from states and the Supreme Court. If anything changes, we will make another announcement at that time.

Your only action right now as an employee is to continue to comply with any state or local regulations as this pandemic continues.

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